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In an industry plagued by systems inefficiencies and other shortcomings, Moriting rises above the ordinary. We promise our clients service delivery in line with strict service level specifications and standards.

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Welcome to Moriting Wealth Managers

The company was formed in September 1999 as a retirement fund administration company in terms of the provisions of section 13B of the Pension Funds Act, 1956 (Act No.: 24 of 1956). The company is also an Authorised Financial Services in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act.

Moriting offers a team of experienced professionals who provide clients with unique, tailor-made solutions.  Our directors’ and managers’ collective experience is vast. Most have served for many years as directors and managers of some of the largest corporations and life assurers in South Africa. This experience and expertise, driven by our vision, greatly enhance the value that our clients ultimately receive.

Moriting Wealth Managers is a majority black-owned Level Two BBBEE contributor.


The Moriting Wealth Managers business philosophy is founded on the premise of independent and uncompromised employee benefit consulting services. Our consulting capability and solutions know no boundaries.  No fund is too small or too big to be looked after and supported by well trained and credible staff who are fully knowledgeable about our offering.

Clear fundamentals and segregation of duties between the different disciplines, professional service level agreements, full transparency of fees and appropriate financial and administrative reporting are all elements that ensures that retirement fund members can look forward to preparing for their retirement in a structured and well governed environment.

Our vision

Moriting Wealth Managers’ vision is “To delight our clients by being the best at what we do and to empower our people to equally be the best.”

Our Values


Moriting does not subscribe to blind conformity. Instead, we follow the path of fair values which implies equitable, just decisions and open engagement.


We actively promote an environment in which the client has the right to know. We strive to be proactive in providing information and fielding the enquiring mind with honest responses.


To remain competitive, we need to ensure that we employ people with the best skills and knowledge in the business. We pride ourselves on the development programs that we have initiated to unlock the vast potential inherent in our skills pool. At Moriting, training and development are business imperatives.


We believe that we need to look beyond our balance sheet when making business decisions. Our people are our most valued resource, including ensuring a fair return on shareholder equity. People remain a priority in all decisions.


Not just to deliver according to expectations but be the best and ensure that we seek opportunities to delight each other and our clients through being excellent at what we do. Accuracy, reliability and dependability are but the beginning of excellence.


Leadership Team

Our board of Directors is comprised of Industry leaders with many decades of experience shared between them.

Mr. Bryan Kgosana Shuping

Chief Executive Officer

Bryan is a Public Administration graduate of the University of Pretoria. He also holds a BCom Law Degree from the University of South Africa and a post graduate Diploma in Development Finance from the University of Cape Town.

Bryan is also a Chartered Principle Executive officer and a Cert Director with the IoDSA. Bryan has 37 years of management experience both in the public and hte private sector. Bryan is the founder and director of both BNK Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd & campus Caves (Pty) Ltd.

Mr Shuping serves on the Board of Summit Group Limited and The Earth Center NPC as an NED. he is also the Principle Officer of at least three Funds.

Together with his co-Director and executive manager, Bryan is responsible for the company’s business strategy including amongst others, the compliance section.

A stickler for good corporate governance and administrative processes, he ensures compliance both for the business and clients alike.

Mr. Stefan Pomeissl

Executive Director

Stefan has over 36 years of experience (after completing his Studies in New York) in employee benefits from Retirement fund investments at Old Mutual, to a Regional General Manager at Norwich Life and current CEO of Enigma (19 years). He sits on several retirement fund boards and is the Chairman of eFund Umbrella Retirement Pension and Provident Funds (18 000+ members).

Stefan Pomeissl holds a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) honors in Mathematics and Statistics from Hofstra University.

With a robust skill set that includes Investments, Retirement, Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Pensions and more, Stefan Pomeissl contributes valuable insights to the industry.

Shareholding Structure

Consulting Team Structure

We believe that if we focus on the core strengths we will deliver the best possible service


Our Consulting team has the capacity and expertise to provide help with understanding markets, accessing capital, and reporting on impact.

Moriting has helped organizations understand market needs to enhance and develop products and services through extensive market research and supported the strategic growth of organizations through the delivery of  business, strategic, and capitalization plans.

effective processes

If systems and people are cornerstones of efficient administration, then so are the processes by which they are integrated.

At Moriting, these include workflow management systems that allow our clients direct access to the status of any transaction. By either phoning in or logging on to our system, clients are able to trace member queries down to the exact status of the withdrawal and the staff member currently handling the documents.


Our team has experience and access to various companies and institutions, ranging from Life Assurance companies to very large corporate and public sector funds and currently manages over 1.6 million active members and over 155 000 pensioners.

Whilst our system is locally developed and supported, all users are guaranteed access to the source code in the event that the local developer should experience access issues.

Effective integration

In keeping with the modern requirements, our team is able to process data from multiple systems, as well as download member information for record management, valuation and reassurance purposes. However, our peoplehsve the knowledge and skills to process data from legacy systems and even paper format records.

We are able to integrate these inputs from various sources and present the client with a single integrated strategy.

Our People are our strength

There are two types of servicing staff required for the smooth management of the fund, viz., administration and account executives. We believe that the diverse nature and membership of most funds make it imperative that we provide a personal and dedicated service.

At Moriting, we live the adage that our staff is our greatest resource. Ultimately, we invest in our clients by investing in professional staff, and we grow this investment through a commitment to the on-going professional development of our people. We strive to employ the best consultants and administrators in the business. All staff in this division have relevant, recognized industry qualifications and all have a passion for what they do.

Our clerical and support staff are of equally high caliber. They are fully trained on our systems and work in teams of multi-skilled specialists, ensuring a “pool of knowledge” for all clients.