At Moriting, we live the adage that our staff is our greatest resource. Ultimately, we invest in our clients by investing in professional staff, and we grow this investment through a commitment to the on-going professional development of our people.

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Consulting to trustees consists of general legislative advice, benefit structuring, funding mechanisms and industry issues. Furthermore, we provide advice on fund compliance, rule drafting, communications consulting, trustee election services, fidelity and indemnity cover advice. Moriting employs only leading consultants in the employee benefits and insurance fields, ensuring that our members and clients receive the best advice on legislation, benefit structuring, funding mechanisms and industry issues.

Retirement Consulting:

We develop retirement solutions for our client’s unique requirement.  We do not use a top down approach.  A needs analysis is mandatory to respond to client requirements.

This is further based on affordability while addressing the socio-economic challenges of the country, by balancing the needs of members with the affordability levels of the employers and ensuring that there is complete compliance with all legislative provisions that regulate the industry.

Investment Consulting:

Save providing investment consulting services, our role is further to keep asset managers honest. 

This we achieve through a vigorous monitoring mechanism to ensure that agreed investment strategies of our clients are adhered to and timeous and effective reporting to clients takes place as regularly as is necessary.

Health Consulting

We develop healthcare strategies to ensure employee wellbeing.  This is critical to ensure employee engagement and performance in an organization.

Productivity levels assist in the sustainability of organizations, big and small and thereby participating meaningfully to the economy of the country to the benefit of the populace.


Sending off our loved ones in a dignified way is what characterizes our moral fibre. The Moriting Wealth Funeral Scheme is designed to demonstrate this human characteristic by placing us in a position to bury our parents, children, siblings and others seamlessly.

The Funeral Fund provides you with a real guarantee that money for the cover you chose will be available when the darkest moment strikes. We did market research in order to establish what the needs of our members are.

The Funeral Fund is underwritten by Rand Mutual Assurance.

Trustee training:

We are known for the best capabilities and insight in trustee training. Our training is world-class, it takes into account the different levels of development normally found on boards of trustees.

As with all our products and services, our training programmes are tailored to suit individual fund needs and are designed to facilitate and enhance adult learning.


It is usual for boards of trustees to “test” the market once every year or two in relation to their risk benefits and investments. At this time, they instruct their consultants to obtain quotations and to make recommendations to them.

Moriting Wealth Managers will provide a fully transparent and objective product and service provider evaluation service. Although we make the recommendations, we believe that the Trustees are ultimately accountable to the membership, and we will therefore assist them in their decision-making.


There are two types of servicing staff required for the smooth management of the fund, viz., administration and account executives.

We believe that the diverse nature and membership of most funds make it imperative that we provide a personal and dedicated service.